Day 132, Psalm 132

Trust God’s promises.

There is some debate on the author of this psalm. I think it was Solomon because it speaks of his father David and the promise that God made to him.

The LORD swore an oath to DAvid with a promise he will never take back. “I will place one of your descendants on your throne.” Psalm 132:11

The final fulfillment of this promise began in Bethlehem, when Jesus was born. A timely memory for all of us in this advent season.

Psalm 132 celebrates God as a promis-keeper. God kept his promise to David and he will keep his promises to us. Jesus will return again one day.

Thank you Father for your promises and for being faithful to us. We look forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus in just a few weeks.

See you tomorrow for Psalm 133.

Day 91, Psalm 91

Psalm 91 is spiritual advice from father to son, as King David hands the throne to his son, Solomon. It is also advice left for us to consider.

Love and trust the Lord, make him our refuge and strength. When we do, the Lord will rescue, protect and provide for us. He will order His angels to protect us. They will hold us up with their hands. He will give us salvation.

These words, written long ago, have instructed and encouraged all who read them to seek the Lord and to experience His promises.

See you tomorrow for Psalm 92

Day 61, Psalm 61

This psalm was written during the last years of David’s life. He writes confidently of what God has done and how he desires to live with the Lord forever. He reminds God that He has heard David’s promises and given David what belongs to those who honor God. The list of things that belong to those who honor God is a long one that extends to eternal life.

I woke up this morning with Isaiah 61:3 on my mind. This verse gives us some gifts to consider:

Isaiah 61:3: To grant to those who mourn in Zion the following: To give them a turban instead of dust [on their heads, a sign of mourning], The oil of joy instead of mourning, The garment [expressive] of praise instead of a disheartened spirit. So they will be called the trees of righteousness [strong and magnificent, distinguished for integrity, justice, and right standing with God], The planting of the LORD, that He may be glorified.

Lord Jesus, help us to see all that you have given to us.

See you tomorrow for Psalm 62

The Ultimate Gift

Lord, thank you for the provision of eternity. We will one day be with you, with unveiled faces, we will see your glory and understand more deeply what your gift to us means. Help us to see you working around us today. Amen


Lord, when we align our prayers with your will and have faith that you can do things that are beyond human strength, the impossible things in our lives can change. Today we are going big and asking you to end the deadly impact of the corona virus – around the world. Amen ❤️🙏.

Anchor for our Souls

Lord, you are trustworthy, loving, faithful and true. The promises you have made to us are anchors to our soul. We can be strong, confident and sure-footed as we face troubles of all kinds, because you, Jesus, are with us and for us! Help us hear your guidance today. Amen ❤️🙏