Day 96, Psalm 96

This psalm is an excerpt of a psalm from 1 Chronicles 16. The psalm was written to celebrate and worship God. The ark was returned to David’s city. All of Israel participated in the Ark’s return and the Levites ministered before the Ark and sang this song, proclaiming God’s name and his wonders over the land, the people, the earth and the seas. They clarified and declared God’s Lordship over all. As it is today and always was.

O, Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His lovingkindness endures forever.” 1 Chronicles 16: 34

Can you hear this psalm and it’s truths echoing over you today?

See you tomorrow for Psalm 97

I Praise You

Lord, today we praise you with what we have in our hands. A rake, a scrub brush, a skillet, a child’s toy. We sing praise to you all day long as we live our life to the full. Amen 🙏❤️.