Lord, when we align our prayers with your will and have faith that you can do things that are beyond human strength, the impossible things in our lives can change. Today we are going big and asking you to end the deadly impact of the corona virus – around the world. Amen ❤️🙏.

Kindling for Joy

Lord, your will for us is perfect. In times of stress, your will and your words, challenge us to rise up and push in the opposite direction of our worries. Today we will pray and thank you for everything we can think of all day long. This will rekindle our joy. Thank you for your encouragement! 💛🙏

Run the race

Lord, in your great faithfulness, please help us to let go and turn away from any sin in our lives that slows us down on our journey towards you. Amen #jesuschrist #yahweh #holyspirit #dailydevotional #scripture #bibleverse #towardsyou #toyou


Lord, today we pray for the marriages of our friends and family. As they each draw near to you may they also draw closer together. Help them to love, support and cherish one another as you cherish each of us. Amen.